Distance Learning

This programme is offered keeping in mind, professionals who are not able to attend the classroom sessions. Also, people who are residing out of Mumbai & India can also gain the advantage of Distance learning courses.

Salient features are:

  • Admissions open for all 365 days
  • Webinar sessions on 4-5 key topics by experienced industrial faculties
  • User-friendly notes based on current guidelines.
  • Time flexibility for attending assessments
  • Question bank based on common interview questions
  • Certification after course completion

Course execution:

    • PDF copies of the notes would be sent by email. [IPM notes are the simplified versions of the guidelines & easy to understand].
    • Flow-charts are included so that the lengthy procedures are understood in brief.
    • A section-wise questionnaire is provided to help you to prepare for the exam.
    • You can email us your queries, these will be satisfactorily resolved primarily via email & if required via telephonic call.
    • Online exams would be conducted. Certificate awarded after successful course completion.